Sunday, 10 September 2017


As a port city, Hamburg has always been a trading point for coffee, and quite a few roasteries have sprung up here. As some of my friends keep asking for advice, here are my favorite spots, loosely presented as the Hamburg coffee guide.
Currently, my favorite is a new kid on the block: Codos in Ottensen. It's their second brick and mortar cafe, their first is a tiny brew bar in trendy Schanze. The place in Ottensen is right at the village square, Alma Wartenberg Platz.
cappuccino & croissant at Codos Ottensen

Even though the place in Ottensen is not much larger - it has space for the counter and only a few seats, they are expanding to the next door shop.
They offer their own roast and the whole range of coffee preparing methods, but I mainly stick to the super smooth cappuccino.
typical Hamburg weather, seen over a cup of coffee
It's always packed in the morning and sometimes you have to be lucky to find a place. If you do, you can enjoy not just your coffee but also the excellent croissants and other cakes and pastries which come in all varieties from gluten free to vegan.

CODOS Ottensen
Bahrenfelderstr. 156,

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