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Hamburg Tweed Ride 2017. Photo by Julia Schwendner

Riding a bike has been my favorite means of transportation for a long time now and has eventually become not just of my everyday life but also part of me. While you won't see me clad in Lycra huffing and puffing up a mountain, cycling is inseparable with city life and quintessential urban for me.
Besides the obvious benefits of being faster, more active, more sustainable and almost emission free, I love how it lets me experience my surroundings in a much more engaged way. With more options of getting from A to B, it is a very sensual experience: The temperature of the air, the wind, warmth, cold, humidity, rain, sun, the texture of the ground beneath, inclinations, declines, the smell of freshly baked croissants from a bakery, of trees in bloom, the icy smell of cold air coming from the North, the smell of summer. All these are sensations I get to experience on my bike commute and I would not want to miss them.

With Hamburg being notorious for its miserable weather, the combination of vintage style and cycle-friendly-weather-sturdy apparel is not always an easy one, but later more on this topic.

After having enviously followed Tweed Rides in London or Vienna via social media, I burst into Hallelujas when I heard about Hamburg's own Tweed Ride. Hosted by charitable organization Clubkinder,  there was more to it than just dressing up. See the Manifesto manifest in this beautiful clip, unfortunately only available on Facebook:
Manifesting at Hamburg Tweed Ride 2017. Photo by Julia Schwendner

The ride started out at Le Velo in Eimsbüttel, a bike repair shop dedicated to period bikes, some of them near 100 years old. The place doubles as a café as well, so it was a perfect starting point. If you see me in the video applauding somewhat reluctantly it is only because I am holding my coffee cup and there was no room to set it down.

Hamburg Tweed Ride 2017. Photo by Julia Schwendner

A group of about 100 cyclists most of them clad in vintage and Tweed then headed down through Eimsbüttel and Altona to Jenisch Park, where there was a nice picnic. Thre was of course also music and we could not help but dance a little.

Hamburg Tweed Ride picnic 2017. Photo by Julia Schwendner

Hamburg Tweed Ride Picnic in Jenisch Park 2017. Photo by Julia Schwendner
All photos were taken by talented Julia Schwedner and were featured in one of Germany's largest online newspaper, Spiegel Online.

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