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For a while it seemed copper was the newest trend when it comes to home decorating out there. Suddenly, there clothes racks made from copper pipes, cafeterias and plant pots.  I've always liked the warm tone and the shiny surfaces. So when I strolled around my neighbourhood on the last day of an community art festival that included a massive flea market, I came by this antique book shop.

copper tea cup holders

I had passed by the shop before on several evening strolls, but it had always been closed.  However, I always tried to look past the book shelves and they seemed to have some other items as well, but as it is small and looks more like a speciality book shop, I had never considered it an option.
This day however, as a slight rain began to fall, I it was finally open and I walked in to have a look.
They had a small but very tidy selection of home ware in the basement, a real basement where the lady running the shop warned me not to bang my head on the narrow staircase. Not a good place for people with claustrophobia, but a decent place for vintage homeware shoppers.

more copper tea glasses
I found a bunch of copper copper tea glass holders and when I finally decided to take some of them home, the lady also gave me the only 2 remaining glasses to go with them. Originally, I had planned to use them for candles, but now the can actually be used for their original purpose.
The first ones are now home to some succulents:

succulents in copper tea cups

Then, I discovered the "dressing room", a room in this apartment-style shop dedicated to clothes and accessories. There were two clothes racks full of selected vintage dresses, slips and pyjamas - not much but all in very good condition, clean and best of all: not smelly!
So two dresses came home with me: A green-beige dress from the 50s that may be a teenager dress as the fit is a bit odd, which I discovered when trying it on at home and another cotton sack dress that will become a sewing project.
green - beige 50s dress

pyjama sewing project

If you are around in Ottensen, check out the store!

Sammllereck Malinowski, 
Bahrenfelder Str. 11
22765 Hamburg - Altona

Mon-Fri 11:30 - 18:30h
Sat 11 - 16h

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