Monday, 2 November 2015


Even though I am from a region where carnival is widely celebrated, I could never really warm up to this custom. Also because in Europe,  carnival is usually in February, i.e. a pretty cold month for outdoor activities. Needless to say that Halloween could not win my heart either, but know living in the country of its origin, it was only a matter of time before I got invited to a Halloween party.  No matter how hard I tried, I cannot remember how I spend this day last year, but this year there was no way out. The dreadful question loomed larger and larger over my head: What to wear?
There are quite a few vintage-y ideas out there on the web, but my party was a dance party, so the costume would need to withstand constant rapid movement and sweat, not ideal for make-up heavy solutions or full body suits.
A day before the party, I still could not pull an outfit together from my closet that would satisfy my expectations, so we went to a party supply store. Little did I know which wonderland awaited me there!
Rows over rows of the most wonderful kitsch and crap, party decorations grouped in themes, stationary, artificial flowers and then the costume section - this was probably the first store with every single item made in China. Bloody plastic limbs in orderly arranged on a shelf, tombstones, styro foam skulls and all such wonderful things.
 It would have been a perfect photo op, had it not been so crowded with kids and other people. However, we managed to spend over an hour in the store, yet spend very little money. Eventually, I settled on a golden glittery mask covering my eyes and golden leave wreaths, which was not very scary, I admit, but seemed to do the trick and at least disguise me. Deep in the depths of my bathroom cabinet I unearthed my golden party glitter (that I wore the last time to the Erasure concert we went to) and pulled out the gold wrap dress, all paired with a pair of shiny gold dancing shoes I discovered in a thrift store a few days back. All together, it looked like this:
It actually worked really well and I spent 6$ total. *katching*

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