Friday, 16 October 2015


Fall is the best time to travel in Texas: the heat of summer has eased yet the wildflowers have not attracted hoards of tourists. And there are quite a few little gems to discover, deep in the heart of Texas! One of them is Georgetown.
 Only a few miles North of Austin, this quaint little country town transports you immediately back to the good old times when men were cowboys and racy ladies ran the saloon. Yet today, Georgetown leaves these shoot-outs to your imagination and entertains the modern visitor with an array of neat historic two storey houses...
We arrived on a Sunday afternoon, and most shops were closed, so we had time to admire the facades, some even sporting an art-deco look like this theatre here. Luckily, a few antique stores were still open though!

One of the most surprising surprises came on a plate though: we headed to Eats on 8 (204 E 8th str)
a so-called farm-to-table restaurant housed in an historic mansion-style town house. Upon walking in, I expected a hipster place, with bearded and tattooed waiters greeting us, a mix-and-match- furniture concept and old school photographs adorning the walls, but the food really got me excited. Even though the menu offered different variations, I opted for a classic roasted Brussels sprouts as a starter and fish for main course. What can I say, I had to restrain myself from licking the plate!

After this late lunch, we strolled around town some more before heading back to Houston.

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