Sunday, 4 October 2015


As they say everything is bigger in Texas, so is the occasional rainfall. This year has been particularly wet, with lot of flooding. Yet, one keeps forgetting this part of the weather when going about in tank tops and skirts. The thing is, it usually keeps being hot while it rains, a very uncomfortable coincidence as you sweat into your rainjacket.Therefore umbrellas are essential in the rain season, and as it happens with umbrellas, they get forgotten and lost a lot.
I remember once having forgotten a beautiful old fabric umbrella with a wood carved handle - inherited from my grandmother -  at a cafe in Berlin, which was not very frequented that time of day and coming back five minutes later, but the umbrella was gone. I still believe the waitress took it. I never went back to that cafĂ© again.
Anyway, on a recent tour through my trusted thrift shops here in Houston, I came upon a new, yet soberly black specimen and thought I will give it a new home. And I also found a few old vinyls with swing music. What a catch. Listening to Swing music while it rains outside... autumn can come, I am prepared.
records and umbrella: Blue Bird Circle Thrift Shop

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