Thursday, 3 September 2015


Despite all the amenities a big city brings, every once in a while I need to get out and just trot though lush greenery far away from cars of caf├ęs. Off we went to the Big Thicket, a forested state park known for its plant diversity. The only flaw is that it is a one and a half hour drive up North. Read the whole thing after the jump!
The Highway takes you through pastures and along farms and wood, as soon as you get out of the city and its Metropolitan area - which takes almost an hour. When we found the trailhead, we turned into the sandy soil and parked under tall pine trees.
The canopy kept changing as we hiked along, but the trail remained broad and even. There were a few board walks and bridges, some were being repaired, but the trees and scrubs grew thick and rich.
Finally away from the cars and traffic noises, we listened to birds and beetles chirping while we passed streams and ponds and swamps...

After an hour and a half, we had completed the longest trail and arrived back at the car.
On the way to Big Thicket however, the highway passes through the village of Livingston, a place that oozes Texas small town charm. As we were already there, we decided to stop by and have a look around.
There were only two shops open (or at all in business), one a cafe open serving burgers with an adjacent Collectibles and Antiques store. Well guess where I ended up....
This brooch caught my eye, but I did not end up buying it. The rest of Livingston may seem unremarkable to the passing stranger, but further down main street, many shops were abandoned, which gave the place a certain tragic, eerie atmosphere, where you would expect tumbleweeds to fly by every minute. It made for great photos though...

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