Thursday, 23 July 2015


I suppose a lot of you guys know this phenomenon: Vintage gals are hoarders. When I sometimes catch a glance at other bloggers wardrobes, it pretty clear: dresses over skirts over shirts and bags and hats. I'd like to blame it on the human disposition to hunter and gather (all combined, of course), only that our prey is not an animal or some plants, but vintage dresses.
But whereas my Mom actually manages to clean out her closet every other year, I am a keeper. Unfortunately I learnt that I can actually discover clothes in my own wardrobe that have been hiding completely forgotten for years suddenly resurface and become my favourite pieces. And as is the thing with most of my vintage clothes, I remember their story: where I bought them and also usually how much they cost.

So this is the story of this dress: Back then when I worked at my first job in Berlin, the office was in nice neighbourhood in Prenzlauer Berg and we would usually go out for lunch all together. In the way to the restaurants, I would pass a second hand shop, not a vintage shop but one of the usual second hand shops that sell old H&M pieces and the like. One day however I needed a break and decided to have a look inside - and there it was: a dark blue dress made from polyester, probably from the 70s but with a nice floral pattern that could be styled to resemble earlier decades. The slim cut could be called figure hugging, but it was winter then and way too cold to even think about wearing a dress like this. It fit, so I bought it nevertheless, washed it and put it in my closet to, ähm, forget about it.
It did resurface every once in a while and I already thought about selling it, but never did. I never wore it. Ever. 
Until I had to give up my apartment and sort through all my clothes. I tried it on and it still fit. Knowing that I would live in warmer climates and given that it was wrinkle free and machine wash, and folds up very small, I packed it. So I had to move to Houston with this dress to actually start wearing it.
Now it has become a favourite, especially with my white heels and some white flowers in the hair and the white round bag, it makes for a nice 40s inspired tropical evening look.

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