Friday, 5 June 2015


I briefly mentioned our escape to Galveston in the other post that was featured on "getrödelt, gefunden, gefreut", but even though I did not bring my camera and only took a few photos, I firmly decided to return soon to fully appreciate all Galveston has to offer! Read more after the jump!

We went for a sailing class in the morning, and every time I have to get up early I realised that I am just not functional in the morning. And when sailing, chances are you get we - either from the water below or in a sudden rain shower. The first time, my eye makeup came washing down and I looked a bit like the joker. This time I ditched the beauty enhancers and went almost bare-faced, something I never do if I can avoid it. Our teacher told us about this old sail ship turned into a museum in Galveston, and so spontaneously decided to head over there - all in practical quick dry sail clothes and without make up.
I had been to Galveston before, but only briefly to the beaches on the northern side and was actually quite disappointed. A 4line road lines the beach and the boardwalk is little more than the usual fun fair - and it was closed that time. Little did I know that the centre is beautifully preserved array of warehouses and storefronts from the late 19th century!
We went to see the Elissa, one of the oldest sail ship still sailing. She was built in 1877 in Scotland and has been all over the world before ending up in Galveston. Now there is a museum portraying the history of Galveston, once the major port in Texas. Alas, Galveston port is still a busy port with immense cruise ships and oil platforms swimming in the greenish sea and makes for a somewhat odd combination.
The museum shows the connections between Galveston and the world and its  importance as a port for immigration into Texas.

After we had thoroughly browsed through the museum and marvelled at the boat,  we got hungry and had lunch int he adjacent restaurant, watching a cruise ship leave port and dolphins frolicking in the murky water.
 Many captains got rich through trade with the whole world and impressive mansions dot the town.The centre it built around the old commercial street, and boast wonderful buildings and warehouses, some of them still awaiting renovation. But I need to take better pictures next time I'll go there and since we were late, there was only a short time to check out the numerous antique shops..

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