Sunday, 31 May 2015


The first I went to Galveston, I was kind of disappointed. The beach was ok, but flanked by a busy 4-lane road with very in frequent pedestrian traffic lights, and the restaurants with a sea view were disappointing.  But last Saturday it had stopped raining and we took a sailing class in Kemah, East of Houston in the Gulf of Mexico. Our captain told us about an old Sail boat that was now turned into a museum anchored in Galveston and we spontaneously decided to head over there.

The museum was in the old port and when we arrived there, there was a corvette show going on and we had to drive around a while before finding a parking lot. This allowed us to get to know the town a bit better and we discovered the old ware house and commercial district, dotted with antique shops...
And this is why I want to participate in "Getrödelt, gefunden, gefreut" this month: After we enjoyed the ship and a wonderful lunch nearby, we strolled through the streets and I quick-searched every antique shop. One vintage shop caught my eye and while my better half extracted all information about local events and history from the very helpful shopkeeper, I rummaged through the racks. One navy blue dress caught my eye, and I just wanted to try it, with no intention of buying yet another dress.
But it fit. The colour was great. The design is rather graphic with a white line going down the front and a fabric covered belt. No frills. Machine wash. Late 50s, maybe 60s. Home it went with me...
And tonight I already wore at a swing dance party with a live band.... here matched with the shoes and the bag from last month's post...

Verdict: it could only be more perfect if it had pockets. Wonderful to dance in, great fit, not too tight or stuffy, elegant and comfortable!


  1. Beautiful dress! All those pictures of Sail bots let me even more long for summer!

  2. Zauberhaft siehst Du aus :) Und das Kleid wollte offensichtlich unbedingt mit - da sollte man sich dann auch nicht zu sehr wehren ;)

    1. Danke für das Kompliment - und noch besser: das Kleid ist auch sehr tanztauglich! Es ist luftig, schwingt schön - und maschinenwaschbar!


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