Thursday, 30 April 2015


It's been a while since I wrote anything about my temporary home, mainly because when I am there I have a lot to do in front of the screen and am happy about every minute I can get away from it,
This weekend however proved too good to be true in thrifting terms, so I did not want to pass on finally getting into the "getrödelt, gefunden, gefreut" category over at Beswingtes Allerlei, one of the few German blogs I follow.
A friend of my better half needed a couch and asked us to have a look at the nearby thrift shops. This meant official business and finally a reason to check out all the shops whose offers I had monitored closely in the first time upon moving here. Now our place feels home-y enough, even though we do not own a lot of furniture, but I have managed to amass a considerable amount of  nic nacs, milk cans and sugar bowls - not to speak off vintage dresses! - that in some time in the not so far future will need to go on a long trip half way around the world.

We woke up early to get a coffee and tick off the first shop, blue bird circle, as we had also planned a tour through a photography exhibition, but later more on that. The shop is quite big and we got our couch for there for a very fair price, but usually never fails to amaze me with their high prices. They sometimes have marvellous mid century pieces. But they know about the craze and price them accordingly. No real bargains here. The clothes section is, though extensive, negligible if you are after vintage pieces. The mister found two ties for a total of 5$ , but the men's section is smallish....
Next stop on the couch quest was the catholic women charity shop (second in this post). It offers the usual comprehensive range from furniture to kitchen utensils to clothes, but here too, I have only ever found some smaller decorating items. Clothes and shoes are also way to new to interest me, and that day was no different.
Last we went to the Thrift Store, a small gem that sometimes works wonders. I ran into a 50s wiggle dress there once and took it home for 15$. Although it is a bit small, and I have not actually worn it yet, but with the right undergarments, it will make an appearance soon.

I went straight for the furniture section, but there was no couch in sight. Therefore my eyes got caught by the nearby shoe rack. White leather sandals smiled at me, the size promising. I put on the one and although my feet do not have much room in them, they fit and did not hurt as I paraded around the store. They are all leather and the label says "handmade in Mexico", and even though I am not sure how old they are, the look hardly worn and their style fits perfectly with all my dresses (believe me, I tried them all out when I got home).
I made my way over to the back where they keep kitchenware and records, and found two identical white hard plastic bags. They were probably designed for a purpose but I could not come up what that once was. Yet, they were only 4$ and would work as a little though unpractical handbag. Further down in a box full of records, I saw a compilation of swing records. No old ones, but an educational edition from the 1970s. Excited, I called the mister. Equally excited, we realised that we do not have a record player but this too good a deal to pass on. For a total of 16$ we got compilations of swing records of the whole era. Yes! They had been released in the 1970s, but include four records each and a book about the history and development of Swing music and dancing!

A quick look on the clearing rack revealed a tea pot that fits perfectly with my milk jar and sugar pot, for 3$ it also came home with me.

Thrilled by our luck, we actually had to get the car as we could not transport our treasures on our bikes. Although the couchless friend later send a text that he found one, we could not be more happy about our luck.


  1. Guten Tag! Schöne Fundstücke, die Swing Collection ist ja fast mein Favorite!

    1. Tanzt Du eigentlich auch Swing...? In Berlin gibt es da ja viele Möglichkeiten...

  2. What a fine white collection and the perfect music to use the shoes.. and the bag.. and drink a tea ;)

    And now you must visit more thrift shops - for the record player! Yhay! :)

    1. The shoes are actually really good for dancing. Better even than for walking ;-)


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