Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Whereas the temperatures have already dropped in Europe, in Houston the weather is finally truly wonderful: bright sunshine with the mercury in the early 20s (°C) and a fresh breeze, and the cool at night requires you to actually wear a jacket- even if it's just a cardigan.
Perfect conditions to dream about fall/ winter outfits: long sleeves, darker colours. Browsing facebook this morning my eyes fell on the fall/winter collection of Lena Hoschek and I almost started drooling...
One of the main difficulties when wearing vintage is the grandma-look: Instead of sophisticated, an outfit seems rather old fashioned and boring. Austrian designer Lena Hoschek always manages to perfectly translate the shapes of the 40s and 50s into contemporary fashion with a vintage feeling. 
perfectly dressed with this coat/dress and long gloves!

classic 50s look in intense black...
see-through is a theme in this collection. A nice twist on the full skirt that may look a bit old-fashioned. I am not so smitten by the bullet bra though...

simple black top with patterned skirt. Love the flowers in dark teal!
same pattern in a dress
grey wool and nude - swoon....

pencil skirt and transparent pullover. simple yet effective.
love grey. here the asymmetric neckline and the shiny taffeta help avoid the school teacher feel.

picture source here.

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