Saturday, 18 October 2014


Speaking of snow.
Rummaging through the racks at the vintage festival, something caught my eye. Not that I was looking for winter wear, it was still late summer in Texas and I was grateful for the air condition back then. But sometimes, things just struck you and you know this is it now. Lurking from the tons of dresse, shirts and night gowns was a lonely little sweater, dark pinkish with a line of - guess! - unicorns on the chest.
The unicorns look like form an 80s video game and have this crazy smile on their faces, as if they were on drugs, stomping the pink pullover pasture. The wonderful Anita Giles (who sells her treasures here on Etsy) told me she got this pullover as a teen and rediscovered it in her Dad's attic.
Well, if I had to pick my favourite magic animal, it would definitely be a unicorn.
Maybe thatswhy, on a recent trip to San Francisco, I got shocked upon entering a shop: they had a taxidermy unicorn greeting customers right in the front door.
Don't get me wrong, I am not per se against taxidermy although it became a somewhat hipster thing. I own the bust of a deer my grand mother shot herself at home. But the idea of killing and dissecting a unicorn seemed overwhelmingly brutal.

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