Thursday, 23 October 2014


Funny how climate changes the meaning of terms. Good and bad weather for example. While in Berlin the temperature has dropped to a mere 10°C, good weather is generally warm and sunny. Bad weather is cold slushy rain, with some hail or snow thrown into it. Here in Houston, bad weather can also mean 35°C+ and ultra high humidity. Recently, we've had good weather here though: comfortable 20-25°C, fresh wind and cooling down at night.
A weather when you can go out wearing actual clothes (with sleeves!), without being soaked in your own sweat after 5min. Bike riding became a lot more fun and the difference to the ice cold air conditioned indoor spaces was not so big anymore. You can enjoy the sun now, not fear it.
Right in time I rediscovered pictures of an old fashion catalogue I found at my grandma's. It is a summer collection of 1957 of a Bavarian fashion house.
Red and white polka dots catch the eye on the front page. Someone - probably my very dainty grand father - noted the date in handwriting on it. Not that it says the date on the catalogue...
Airy cotton dresses with funny old-fashioned names...
On the left, a dress tailored for fuller figures...
Tempting, a quick hop in the lake...
But let's not forget the mountains! Although not the best dress to go hiking, definitely pretty at the mountain hut. *swoon*

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