Friday, 3 October 2014


Actually, these are Thrift Shop finds, but as mentioned here, thrift shops are the flea markets of the US. Which is only partly true as there are also flea markets here, but you get it, right?
So here a few small items that make my home a lot more homely:
 A matching sugar and milk jug, actually made in Germany. Super cute yet modern design. I use the milk jug to melt butter for cakes or pancakes - it has no gold on it so it can go in the microwave. The sugar jar also holds ground cheese on the dinner table. Or peanuts, M&Ms, everything....

 I love this one for the 50s design. Sometimes I use it for salad dressing or other liquid sauces, but seldom for milk actually.

 This tea cup is exquisite and a wonderful measurement for flour when baking.

And this is probably the most beautiful but least used item: This little plate in a strange form. I observed it for a while in a shop, but because I kept thinking about it I bought it before the price went down to a minimum. I think it cost 5$, but I am still happy I got it. 

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