Sunday, 21 September 2014


The Vintage Festival is over and I made a few priceless acquisitions and met a ton of wonderful people. On the second day, I mainly helped out with the "Miss Houston Vintage Pageant". Every year, a new Miss Vintage is crowned and appears then throughout her reign in public events.
 Here the previous Ms Vintages grouped together.
Ms V, the presenter, in stunning vintage red!
The defilee started down the stairs. No 1 in a dream of green,picture perfect with matching hat and sunglasses - one of my favourite outfits!
The periods were all represented - until the 60s that is. As 1960 was the theme, some gals had pulled out real funky outfits.
There was a lot of polyester in the contest!
Personally, I still prefer the 40s and 50s though...

Here to the right my second most favourite outfit, worn by Diana Perez. It is not original from the 50s, but perfectly reflected the style. Here is another picture of her outfit from Houston Chronicle:
No doubt the one who caught everyones eye was Houston's Marylin Monroe, who also goes by the name of Coco.

 She did not only look like her, but also behaved like her, as far as I could tell. Her voice, gestures and allure were exactly like Marylin's.
And in the end, she made it! Congratulations!

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