Thursday, 18 September 2014


When I found out that Houston has its own Vintage Festival, I was glad and thought to myself: "This must be a good place!"
Of course I checked out all the vintage shops and had quite a good impression of the scene, but a festival is something different. It's the place where Ms. Houston Vintage is crowned, besides: it takes place in an old airport turned museum from 1940!
This year's theme is 1960s, which is somewhat unfortunate as my favourite periods are a bit earlier. Whereas in the early 60s dresses still adhered to the classic 50s hourglass shape with small waists and wide skirts, the hemline moved up a notch by the end of the decade and dresses were more like jumpers with a lower and less accentuated waist. This illustration shows the development:

Personally, I prefer dresses this short only in winter, when the hemline needs to hide under my winter coat - I cannot stand skirts lurking out under my coat. Plus, I wear several layers of tights and leggings, which cover all private parts. It must be difficult to ride a bike or even sit without flashing you crotch in such a short skirt...

But as the hemline moved higher, so did the hair: 60s hairdos seem to be extraordinary voluminous. My hair is very sleek and thin and wont hold anything. And a short cut รก la Twiggy is no option.
I got to know one of the organisers and will be helping out a  bit, taking pictures and coordinating the pageant, which I am pretty excited about. But the eternal question ("what to wear?") still troubles me a bit... time for some pinterest inspiration:
what a beautiful combination of colours and the beanie is a pretty good idea!
flashy colours, knit, pattern and colourful tights but it looks like polyester....
and from Paris....

awesome London...

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