Tuesday, 23 September 2014


My new acquisitions from the weekend are still in the washing machine/at the dry cleaners, but will appear here soon, don't worry.
But right before the vintage fest was a very special occasion: Friends from Berlin came over! The first visitors here from Europe! It was great to catch up with the recent developments back there and show them around. It really helps to change perspective and view your everyday surroundings with the eyes of tourists!
Anyway, they only stayed for a short while and are now enjoying themselves in California, but still, the guest room had to get up to its name.Usually we just dump our stuff like camping gear, empty boxes, not needed suitcases in there, but here is how it actually looks like empty:
 I love how the wall colour matches with the dark hardwood floor. And the white accents make it a lot lighter!
 Unfortunately, we are still short of furniture and this room was not on the priority list to make it homely, so I had to collect and rearrange stuff from the other rooms. Here the result:
Ikea table we got from a friend who moved away, the lamp from a thrift store, our camping mattress with linen from Ikea, an empty beer bottle as vase and some vintage postcards.

The opposite wall received some decoration and a chair, also inherited from said friend. The room has a whole new atmosphere now and I love it. 
Well, the attentive reader heard me mentioning camping gear a lot. So guess what's in store: our camping adventure with loads of pretty pictures! The wall decoration gives you a hint where we went... but, as usual: later more... ;-)

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