Friday, 8 August 2014


There are enough shocking documentaries out there about the food industry and its horrors, and although some decry the trend to organic produce as a hipster thing, I nevertheless appreciate this not-so-new-anymore awareness of how we nourish our body.
Whereas in Berlin, organic supermarkets shot up like mushrooms, this trend only slowly settled in in Croatia - because of the simple reason that there most of the food industry was still local, as it was too expensive to import a lot of food. Urban gardening simply was nothing new there, most Croatians have a garden somewhere and grow their own vegetables or fruit or they have family in the countryside. I remember that time of year in autumn, when my mother-in-law would cook jam for the whole extended family and their whole apartment burst with plums and fruit flies. I am sugar-conscious and not a big fan of jam anyway, but I loved the traditional way to make the best of the abundant harvest from the orchard.
Recently, I read about ice cream that does not melt - and that was not marketed as a new invention. Akid  left an ice cream sandwich from Walmart out in the sun where the mum found it the next morning - still in its original consistency. The media picked it up and tested it, responsible for this feature were all the stabilisers (video here). Common sense tells me that so much chemistry cannot be good for your body, and I immediately ran to the freezer and checked the ingredients of my ice cream: corn starch syrup, this powder, that powder and some numbers I cannot interpret (although it melts and tasted actually quite good). My ice cream craving have ceased since, and although I like chemical sweets and candy at times, I cannot enjoy it anymore.
Good thing I remembered some recipes I saw on the  The Freelancer's Fashionblog, and the raw pralines seemed simple enough for my lazy bum. Just mix together a few nuts and dried fruits, cocoa powder and honey and voila, les pralines les plus saines!

I soaked cashews and dates in water over night, then added almonds and dried apricots. Only that much...

Then, I added some ordinary cocoa powder. I did not care too much if it was raw (I guess it was not)...

Some honey and mixed it with my blender. As you can see I don't have a fancy container for that and simply use an old sour cream tumbler. A blender is my most valued kitchen item, it works well for soups and spreads. For these pralines it is maybe not the best solution, but it works. I added a bit too much water and had to balance that with oat flakes. Finally, the mass looked like this...
Then came the nasty part: forming pralines! It is pretty sticky and gets your hands covered in no time, especially when you dip them in extra cocoa powder. But it is totally worth the cleaning effort afterwards.
Now they need to rest in the fridge for a few hours and then tadah! I had myself a wonderful yummy and healthy breakfast. And coffee break in the afternoon. And desert after dinner. And now I need to make a new badge... ;-)

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