Thursday, 7 August 2014


When the decision to move to Texas materialised, I felt the need to reward myself and fashionably get in the mood. What better reason to buy a new dress?
A quick research acquainted me with the Texas Shirtwaist dress. A few long afternoons of browsing eBay and Etsy, I finally made a decision and ordered this beauty here.
The etsy shop Fox and Bear Vintage hails from Colorado, which is not Texas, but close enough. The light mint colour and thin cotton fabric were perfect for hot Texan days, the full skirt would be perfect with my petticoat I did not wear enough. A few clicks later and it was ordered. And then nearly forgotten until a few weeks later a notice from the customs office arrived in my letter box: I would need to pay almost a third of the price in customs! On a vintage dress... Annoyed, I went and paid and a few moments later held the sun kissed garment in my hands, under the grim neon lights of a shopping mall post office in Berlins greyish winter...
The dress is wonderful, but I have not worn it much. The weather in Berlin was too bad and the streets too dirty to risk wearing such a precious dress in a light colour that would show all spots of melted snow on the streets. Besides, it was made for warmer weather.
And here in Texas now? It is too hot wear clothes with sleeves, as they only suck up sweat. So the dress needs to wait for the Texas winter to get some outing. But I am still happy I have it and greet it every morning in my wardrobe, at least the dress is home, at last.

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