Thursday, 21 August 2014


As you may guess from the grey wall - we found a house! It was clear that we wanted to move into the city away from the suburbs and chose the Montrose area.
It developed in the 1970s and is still home to a large and diverse gay community, numerous night clubs, bars and cafes. All spread out the Houston way, but lovely.
Decoration is on its way, but the bedroom looks the best so far...
I wanted to try to equip the place with less than 500$, going to thrift shops and goodwill, but one trip to Ikea blasted my budget. So essential things are there, the rest will come for cheap and old...
A few finds: the chair is from a garage sale for 5$, the lamp from a thirft shop for 20$ (but I really wanted it!)
The tray that serves me as a night stand is also thrifted, for 15$. Deal!
I am still in the middle of things but will write a guide to Houston's thrift and op shops soon!

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