Friday, 15 August 2014


Over the past decades, I have owned various devices to create the life elixir of the Western world: coffee. A small fortune was spent on coffee beans, techniques tested and friends interrogated on how to make the best coffee, but eventually I gave up: I just cannot make decent coffee at home. I like coffee with milk, i.e. with the right amount of milk and froth, and making milk froth is probably as difficult as making coffee.
So I abandoned this endeavours and decided to spent my bucks not on home-making supplies, but invest it in the skills of professional baristas.
Sitting in a cafe has no doubt also social aspects - working from home can be quite lonesome sometimes, and a café (as we call it in Europe) or coffee house (as it is called in the US) is the perfect place to not only to enjoy good coffee, but also to meet or just observe people. And observing people is my strategy to get to know a place, to see how they behave, what they wear, eavesdrop on what other people talk about helps me assess the feeling or mood of a place.
This video (found on Johannas Blog) lovingly illustrates the beginning of these coffee houses in London and made me swoon!

I'll show you my new favourite caffeine hangouts in Houston soon!

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