Saturday, 25 January 2014


jef_berlin lately#1
Wow, things have been crazy these last days, weeks actually. Now the temperatures dropped to a chilly minus 10°C and things cooled down a little. I finally found a way to make bread how I used to - my latest attempts were not that successful.
jef_berlin lately#2 winter is not very convenient for outfit photos, as I am wearing the same old things under the coat anyway. Nothing special, hardly anything vintage but comfy to cover up ski underwear. But you can see how the weather looks like here.
Opposite my favourite cafe, I found this note on a bike that has been parked there for a while now.
jef_berlin lately#3 How lovely, that's why I love Berlin. Despite the big city anonymity, sometimes people care for old blue bikes.

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  1. das mit dem rad ist ja ober niedlich!
    ... und das brot sieht auch super aus. yummie.


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