Sunday, 5 January 2014

- 2014 -

And the new year is already 5 days old. How time flies...
My life has happened quite far away from the Jeffery in the last months and my looks were the least I cared about - sometimes there are more important things in life. Like getting to work by bike in time- I started a new temporary fulltime job and am riding my bike to work every day, which calls for more sporty, less delicate garments and bans polyester all together. And although Berlins winter has been rather mild so far, the weather demands a coat which leads to the silhouette problem I will delve into some other time. .
As the Jeffery is still fresh, I will spare you the resume of the past year. But 2014 looks promising and I am already excited about all the things bound to happen. For the sake of suspense, only so much: there will be a move across the pond - check back to find out more!

With all the New Years' hangover aside, my loved one and I spent some wonderful days in Berlin.
theJeffery_Spree and whereas some hardcore vintage queens still wear pumps and see through tights (like her), I long ago dug out my ski undies and winter boots. But the accesoir I like the most this year is my grandmas old fur hat. It smeels like moth balls, but the Russian look fits very well to Berlin:theJeffery_russian Here paired with a wide swingy cream yellow skirt from Humana and my trusted faux leather jacket.
keep warm and dry!
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