Thursday, 10 October 2013

why vintage? or "7 Ways Your Grandmother Dressed Better Than You"

Confession: I do get jealous when looking at pictures of people wearing what we now consider vintage. The clothes just looked better, because they were!

The article "7 Ways Your Grandmother Dressed Better Than You" in the Huffington Post lists the most important differences why vintage was (and still is), actually, better:

1. You dressed to impress at every occasion.

Oh yes, going to the supermarket and having a milkshake on the way counts as occasion!

50s_skirts and blouse_milkshakebar

2. Clothes were made better.

needs a comment? I guess not.

3. Fabrics were, generally, of a much-better quality.

My cheap T-shirts and longsleeves are old when they last more than two seasons. My vintage dresses however have seen more then 60 decades pass by.

4. They wore the right underwear.

Oh yes, it looked better, but was very uncomfortable...

5. Details mattered.

6. Fit was paramount.

That's why I get so frustrated in shops these days: nothing fits me! No pullover, no shirt, no skirt. Vintage fits better and can actually be altered.

7. Clothing cost more.

Yes, less is more. Note to self: remember that before moving next time!

Make sure to read the whole article here. Comes with a nice slide show at the end!

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