Wednesday, 2 October 2013

When you live in Berlin... (Lena Hoschek f/w 2013/14)

It is probably hard to find a vintage Blogger who has not yet come across the - excuse me - THE Lena Hoschek, Austria-based fashion designer with a soft spot for the good ol' 50s and 40s.

When you live in Berlin (ok, sorry, I stole the phrase from reference  these guys)  you have the pleasure to visit an actual hard copy Lena Hoschek store, but probably not the funds to shop there. That's true for me at least, so I pretend to stop by every once in a while for inspirational purposes, be it only inspiration to get a damn well paid job so I can spend 400€ on a single dress. *Sigh* But the weather outside makes me long for these warm dark colours...

However, here are some favourites of the last collection, "Russian Rose". 7852_560128360690485_1946605384_n 61443_560128374023817_1433688802_n 1003057_560128967357091_490587035_n 1175759_560128740690447_37774362_n 1187163_560130204023634_1849342555_n 1234489_560128264023828_1496837712_n 1260859_560129597357028_1094152607_n photos from here

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