Thursday, 17 October 2013


Ilica#6 Ilica is one of the main streets in Zagrebs city centre. But it is quite long actually and son the fancy and international chain stores give way to crumbling facades and turn-of-the-century houses. Ilica#5Ilica#10 The houses are grey from the traffic fumes and could need some brushing up, but that is also the charm of this potentially bohemian part of town. But shabby chic is here more shabby than chic, there are no hip caf├ęs or designer shops, but small supermarkets, hardware stores and some second-hand shops.Ilica#8Ilica#10Ilica#11 There is not much on offer, second-hand shops in Croatia hardly hold treasures: they mainly buy second-rate ware from western Europe, which you can see from the poor quality and big sizes. By now, my eyes are so well trained that it takes me only a few glances to spot patterns or cuts that make a garment worth trying it on. Ilica#2shopIlica#7shop Nevertheless, I managed to find a few decent pieces. And the whole atmosphere of by gone grandeur makes the perfect backdrop for roaming around...Ilica#4Ilica#12

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