Wednesday, 23 October 2013


The other day after school I passed by the Botanical Garden in Zagreb. I tried to visit it before, as it is close to the railway station and a stroll before a long train ride can only do good - but somehow it was always winter or bad weather or whatever else and the garden closed. That day, I was a little surprised to actually find it open. The park is not big, but in the late summer sunshine the last flowers glowed and the sun illuminated the yellow and orange trees.botanicki vrt1 THis flower still in bloom however reminded me of the color combination of one of my favourite pieces of the new collection of NY-based designer Sandra Murphy:
stripy_sandra murphys
I wrote about stripes before and this one fits right in. Plus the colours are wonderful for late autumn walks in the city or even better, in the park where they mimic the colours of the trees in the sun. I guess if I'll ever get back to my sewing machine, I need to get my hand on some striped fabric.
stripy_sandra murphys#2 copy Or it is perfect to light up the dark and damp side of coming winter.
Here are some more pictures from the collection to be found on Sandra Murphy Recollection h-pg-gallery-2 copy

h-pg-gallery-1 copy
photos courtesy of Sandra Murphy

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