Friday, 4 October 2013


In Berlin I found a perfect petticoat at the Flowmarkt. It is not too fluffy like the full one I have from Vivian of Holloway, but quite moderate and after unsuccessfully searching through thrift stores I was happy to snap it for a mere 15€. I wore the fuller one on a few occasions, but it proved to be a bit unpractical for everyday use, as it gets difficult to pass people on the narrow sidewalks or enter packed pubs. This smaller one gives a nice poof to my 50s skirts. This one I had finally taken in, so now it fits much better in the waist and I don't need a waist anymore. standing
I found it in a vintage store in Berlin years ago and bought it for I think around 30€.It was my first original 50s skirt, but i have not worn it too much as I was scared to damage it when cycling or sitting on the ground on lush summer days. So now it finally had an outing for a coffee date in The print is so holiday-y, with mediterranean (or are they Mexican?) houses, ships on a lake or sea and fruit baskets. The pattern with purple, pink and red is set against a vivid turquoise and the fabric is cool cotton.

skirt: vintage, T-shirt: really old H&M


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