Monday, 2 September 2013

The Jeffery Vintage - restart

This is not the first life of The Jeffery, but the last one was rather short-lived and ended almost exactly two years ago in a cupcake mayhem  over on Blogspot. Now that I am more familiar with wordpress, I want to give it another try here, with more dedication and time at my hands.

I  became interested in vintage over five years ago when I stumbled upon a few blogs on the interwebs. Being a jeans and T-shirt girl, it made me start to put more attention to my looks and to dress more feminine. The big change happened when I moved to Australia for a year, where vintage is much cheaper and more available. Ever since, I have stopped wearing pants - especially jeans! and have developed my style considerably from going all granny to trying to give my vintage wardrobe a more modern touch recently.

My problem with fashion blogging is that I feel uncomfortable putting myself in the focus of attention. So I will try to make this blog not predominantly about myself, which seems somewhat of a contradiction, but more about the clothes that are a part of my life.

Please understand that I try to keep my privacy to a certain extend and spare you with the banalities of everyday life.

Enjoy the Jeffery and feel free to drop me a line at!

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