Monday, 16 September 2013

Rijeka, Northern Adriatic

Weatherwise, this must be the wedding season of gypsies, as an old Croatian saying states that when the sun shines and it rains at the same time, gypsies get married. And there was a lot of rain and not quite so much sun (but at times simultaneously) lately...
SAM_4089 SAM_4091
But the clouds made for fantastic skies and dramatic pictures like the one above, when we were waiting on a beach for the next storm to come.

A friend from Germany came over for a week and we tried to escape the rain successfully, but had to check out also Rijeka. Fortunately, Croatians are a coffee addicted bunch, so we could easily hide in caf├ęs from the rain showers. However, we made it up to the castle of Trsat... SAM_4018 ... where we of course had coffee with a fabulous view. SAM_4005 When we walked back down we encountered a turtle on a wall, also enjoying the view SAM_4019 munching away on some rosemary SAM_4023 We also passed through the old and mainly abandoned industrial complex SAM_4025
SAM_4029 This old meatpacking plant now serves as the backdrop for a private parking lot but as the gate was open I sneaked in to get some pictures.

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