Friday, 6 September 2013

my first Flohmarkt

SAM_3896Going to flea markets is a standard on Berlin weekends, but for going there as a seller has always been too tiring: getting up early, packing stuff, sitting around there all day and not being able to buy myself and the difficult question of transportation: how should I get all my stuff to the next flea market on my bike? To be honest, I have always been too lazy.
What a convenient coincidence that some fellow tenants in my building wanted to host a yard sale in our dodgy Innenhof. What a great way to get to know the other people and get rid of some of my treasures.
SAM_3892SAM_3891 I have a few big old suitcases and store garments that I can part with (by far the smallest part of my wardrobe) in one of them. So sunday morning was the time to finally drag it out and set its contents free...SAM_3890 Initially we set up everything in the yard, but soon the first rain shower made us hurry inside into the front gangway. Before, I tried to sell of a few dresses on ebay, but without much success and still secretly hope that one day my sewing skills will be so far developed that I can tailor those dresses around my figure, as most of them are too big or just the wrong color. But back to the flea market. Although late summer, it got pretty cold standing outside all day. But it was super nice to chat with the other people and get to know each other better. I had baked some peach cake before, some others made pizza and pasta as we gre hungrySAM_3897 My direct neighbours, a gay couple, sold off their antique stuffed animal collection. But they also had an impressive array of Kens and Barbies. SAM_3899 In the afternoon, we carried down a couch and sat in front of the building in the sun. SAM_3898 After all, I parted with a few items and made almost 20€, and feel more at home now knowing that I have wonderful neighbours.

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