Saturday, 21 September 2013


At least up here in the Northern hemisphere, summer is over and winter is knocking at the door - which means fall with its beautiful light and late sunny afternoons, well in an ideal world. Reality looks more like this:rijeka_rain

I am not a super sporty person. Treading a treadmill in a gym after a long day in front of the computer is not exactly my ideal idea of physical activity. Enter: the bike! A cheap, fast and ecological means of getting around in the fresh air while lightly exercising.
I love to speed down long straight streets, beat the cars at traffic lights and overtake slower cyclists (yes, I tend to get quite competitive). But, as the weather unfortunately is not always bright and breezy, and I am too niggard to pay for the tram or subway, I need to find a decent way to dress for wind and rain.


And here's the challenge: how to dress in a weather that is cold, yet you get warm through cycling? How to protect your clothes and yourself from the rain and dirty splash water? Which hairdo fits under a hat that covers also the face and keeps the glasses dry?
This fall, I will ask a few of my favourite bloggers to show how they beat the weather. If you want to join in, please leave a comment here!

best, *jef

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