Wednesday, 4 September 2013

anarchy sewing

Sewing is always ont he top of my lists of New Years resolutions and other stuff I really need/want to learn. When living abroad I of course did not take my sewing machine and there were more interesting things to see and do than sitting hunched over piles of fabric.
But I was surprised to find quite numerous sewing supplies and fabric stores in Croatia, but was taken aback by the high prices. Why pay double the price for fabric and invest, say, a week of you precious lifetime in sewing a blouse when you can buy it for half the price made in China or Bangladesh?

Besides, the good weather and long summer may also be to blame: sewing is a traditional indoor activity, which is hard to do when the sun is bright outside and the breeze summer evenings are just too perfect not to be spent in a beach bar. Winter however, as mild as it may be, creeps into the houses (at leat in mine) and makes it too cold to sit still without at least 3 blankets wrapped around ones self. But apart from all these unfavorable weather conditions, I did not have a sewing machine.

In Berlin however, the situation looks quite different: The weather has been cold and rainy the last few days and my sewing machine was in desperate need for a spin.

As I am a rather self-made-gal with an idea, a few googled tutorials got me started. A circle skirt seemed to not too difficult to turn out frustrating, yet pretty enough to be actually worn. Off I went, drawing, cutting, thinking, sewing.

SAM_3875After a bit of sewing, tearing up the seams again and re-sewing, I happily examined my new skirt. But, when I tried it on, it made *crck*crck* (a slight reference to the island of Krk near where I lived in Croatia) and I learned about sizing the waistband... so the skirt still needs some work before I can show you more about it ;-)

SAM_3889 SAM_3881


  1. Hello,
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.
    Unfortunately I can't help with Croatian vintage blogs as I don't know any.
    I am not really interested in any particular scene I just follow the blogs that I find interesting.
    Good luck with your new blog and if you are passing through Ljubljana let me know and
    we can go for a coffee/beer...

  2. Hej Mojca,
    thanks for your answer! I'd be happy to meet you in Ljubljana, although I have not planned a trip there yet, but will surely give you a shout if the chance pops up! take care!


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