Friday, 6 September 2013


Over at one of my favourite Blogs, the Freelancer's Fashionblog, Ulrika posted a raffle for a give away of e-commerce giant Zalando. Readers commenting could win a 50€ voucher for said company, and 38 replied by the time I read the post. I have not lived continuously in Germany and only occasionally follow the news, but even I have heard about the horrible working conditions at online deliverers like Zalando and Amazon. Even Wikipedia states that "In February 2013, German TV channel ZDF broadcast a report on the Zalando packing and distribution centre near Berlin. The report compared the working conditions to 'modern slavery' , and stated that some employees, who often commute more than 200km from nearby Poland, are not allowed to sit in certain departments[5] and are constantly intimidated and threatened by private security guards.[6]" (source).

None of the 38 comments mentioned anything but the pretty photos, Ulrikas gorgeousness and how great Zalando is. Not a single critical note, nowhere. I have H&M T-shirts in my closet made in Bangladesh and I feel ashamed. Truth is, some else is paying the price for our avariciousness, and it supports a perverted system. We claim to wear vintage also because of its ecological aspects, and bathe ourselves in the moral glory of recycling (clothes and style), but it seems when it comes to cheap shopping options, all morals go scram. I am no saint either, but I try to be aware and make a conscious decision where and what I buy. And although I admit that I sometimes wear my T-shirts from Bangladesh, I feel bad about it.

All that glitters is not always gold.

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